• Mango & Pink SaltApr. 15, 2011

    B.Naturale Soft Cream Bar Tokyo
    in Bangkok offers
    "Mango & Pink Salt"
    for a limited time
    (April to May 2011)

    115 THB

    Experience the exquisite taste of
    Alphonso Mango this summer.

    You will enjoy the sweetness, richness,
    full flavor mango with a touch of
    Australian natural pink salt
    to enhance the flavor.

  • Franboise ChocolateDec. 1, 2010

    B.Naturale in Bangkok offers
    “Franboise Chocolate”
    for a limited time
    (until January 5, 2011)

    A very sophisticated blend of
    tart franboise (raspberries)
    and rich Belgian chocolate will titillate your taste buds!
    You will be surprised how light
    the combination of berry
    and rich Belgian chocolate is!

  • Strawberry Red bean MochiSep. 1, 2010

    "Strawberry Red bean Mochi"
    start from September in Bangkok.

    This soft cream is created in the image of the "Strawberry Daifuku."
    The "Strawberry Daifuku" is one of the Japanese sweets, a fresh strawberry covered with sweet red bean paste and wrapped in soft Mochi.

    Sour taste of strawberry, delicate sweetness of sweet red bean paste, and chewy texture of Mochi make this soft cream superb. Please enjoy much-loved Japanese sweets with this soft cream.

  • Cream Cheese Soft CreamMar. 1, 2010

    "Cream Cheese Soft Cream" start from March.

    You can enjoy rich flavor of cream cheese, and still it is refreshing with honey and lemon.

    You’ll get addicted to the exquisite taste like no-bake cheesecake.